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About the Facility

TFS Trans-Kraftool Logistics Center Riga is  a 12’500 square meter High Bay Warehouse located in the duty free zone in Free Port of Riga. The warehouse has a capacity of 73’000 pallet space and currently is the biggest High Bay Warehouse in Baltic Area. It is fully automated based on the barcode system and minimises human factor mistakes. In order to protect the goods stored at the warehouse it is equipped with the advanced firefighting system. Every single sprinkler is covering 3 square meters and smoke detectors are set to react on the smallest sign of smoke. As well as anti-fire systems warehouse is equipped with heating and lighting to ensure constant degree of temperature and humidity. In case of emergency warehouse is equipped with emergency generators that will maintain power supply and heating.




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Kraftool Logistics Center is located in Latvia’s capital Riga and its duty free zone of the Free Port of Riga, Latvia’s main port. Latvia is fast developing country that is situated between two other Baltic states- Estonia and Lithuania, and has common borders with Russia and Belarus. Latvia has a great location for the growth of logistics services between Russia and neighbouring countries. Moreover Riga, with its ice-free port, biggest airport in Latvia and great railroad connections is a geographical hotspot for the international trade and international forwarding.