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TFS Trans is a warehousing company founded in 1997. After 15 years of successful operation, in 2012, we started the construction of a new warehouse that would meet and exceed all our clients’ expectations. The construction lasted 4 years.  We have built a 12’500 square meter automated warehouse with a total capacity of 73’000 pallet spaces – the biggest High Bay Warehouse in Baltic Area.

TFS Trans is also certified as one of the greenest companies in Latvia due to its usage of renewable power sources (such as solar and geothermal power) in daily operations and usage of eco-friendly materials during the construction.

TFS Trans is specialised in pallet storing with the most expedient prices in Latvia. The structure and size of the warehouse is also allowing us to offer to clients long term storage and item storing with the further consolidation and relabelling.

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We work to meet our clients expectations and fulfil the demand on the trustful logistics solutions. We offer our clients best possible service to enhance their competitive power and open boundaries for the new markets. At the same time we are positively contributing to the environment and invest in our employees wellbeing to live in the brighter future.


Our vision is to become a credible logistics provider on the regional market with the possibilities on becoming a player on the global market. TFS Trans pledges to meet and exceed customers expectations and have truthful relationships with its partners.

We care about our planet and that is why we have applied “green” technologies to our warehouse. TFS Logistic Center is using solar power and geothermal energy in every day operations and this allows us to decrease consumption of outsourced energy from non-renewable sources of energy. It is also important to mention that whole facade of the warehouse is made from sustainable materials and we are the first and so far the only company located in the Free Port of Riga that equipped it’s building with the EV chargers. “TFS Trans” pledges to continue making its every day operations more “green” and help saving planet together with our clients and partners.

TFS Trans is the first and so far the only company in Latvia to receive the energy efficiency certificate from “LATEA” –  Latvian Energy Efficiency Association.

Moreover, TFS Trans provides best conditions for its employees. Every loaders crew has its own room with lockers, climate control and showers. There are several lounges for loaders and office workers in the building and separate lounge for the truck drivers with showers, toilet and lockers.

Since 2015 TFS Trans is main sponsor of one of the Latvian Rugby teams “Halipapa”, which took 3rd place in Latvian Rugby Championship in 2016.


To ensure the safest storage of clients cargo we have implemented the latest technologies into our warehousing security systems.

Firefighting system consists of multiple smoke and fire detectors, automatic sprinklers located every 2 meters of the rack and 2,500 m3 water tank to ensure constant water pressure. This system ensures that maximum damage in case of the single fire point, will not be more than 4 pallets.

As well as firefighting system, we have implemented roof monitoring system. In case of the leakage, sensors will immediately notify service personnel to avoid any cargo damage.

Moreover, there are 63 video cameras installed on site that are monitoring whole area 24/7 and have a 3 month recording capacity.