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“TFS Trans” owns and manages the warehouse with a total area of 12’500 square meter. Currently it is the biggest and most advanced High Bay Warehouse in Baltic Area. The total capacity of High Bay is 73’000 pallet spaces and it is fully automised. Automation is based on the bar code system and eliminates “human factor” risks such as handling incidents, timing mistakes and wrong distribution. It also allows significantly increase the performance and reach the throughput of 2,500  pallets per day. Due to the High Bay structure we can store our clients goods much longer period with the lower prices than our competitors.



“TFS Trans” is working in the exclusive partnership with logistics company “F.B. Logistics”. With the help in international forwarding we are offering our clients 3 PL service. “TFS Logistics Center” has a special area in the pre-zone warehouse with the total area almost 2’000 square meters dedicated for the adding value processes. With the 3 PL service our client are benefiting in:

  • Cost efficiency,opportunity to enter the market with less costs
  • Global logistic networking with lower risks and higher return
  • Fastest possible service


TFS Trans is working in exclusive partnership with the logistics company F.B. Logistics. 

Currently company employs over 50 highly experienced people.  At the moment, its fleet consists of 40 vehicles (evrofury, container, special trucks with the capacity from 15 to 120 m.)
Our company offers the following services:
International road transport – the major speciality of the company. Transportation by road is the most convenient and economical way of transportation. It has such an undeniable advantage as speed of cargo delivery from seller to buyer without intermediate transshipment, a clear personification of responsibility for each specific load and the possibility of a high-level control of its condition and location in the process of transportation.
Sea transportation – F.B. Logistics works with major international shipping lines and offers its clients a sea container transportation of goods from more than 250 ports around the world at the lowest freight rates. Multimodal transport of goods in containers, uniting sea and land kinds of transportation, such as tracks and railroad transportation.
Railroad transportation – rail transportation company arranges various kinds of goods. Uses for rail transportation: containers, cars, gondola cars, tank cars, Refrigerator and platforms.